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What is Italian Ice?

Italian Ice, known as “granita” in Italy, does not require dairy products or eggs. It is made simply from fresh fruits or juices, sugar and water…  Air beaten into the mixture is what distinguishes granita from a fruit-flavored chunk of solid ice. 

Italian Ice is denser, so it can be scooped and eaten with a spoon or in a cup, just like ice cream. Italian ice is like sorbet with more texture and offers unique flavor recipes.

Italian Ice is 
Texture & Flavor....

The unique texture of Italian Ice sets it apart from other frozen desserts. Smooth but firm at the same time, with a wonderful frozen dessert experience. And the flavors…. water based fruit flavors, and a range of dairy based flavors.

Italian Ice is 
Refreshing & Healthy....

Water based Italian Ice contains no fat. If you are health conscious, Italian Ice may be a better choice than other frozen desserts. You may find Italian Ice to be less filling, and oh, so refreshing!I

“So keep your ice cream, gelato and frozen yogurt, and give a new frozen dessert a try….”

1222 State Street  • Santa Barbara • California


1222 State Street  Santa Barbara California


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Location & Hours...

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Some Recent Yelp Reviews…

Alyssa A.

Some of the best Italian ice I have ever had. I tried the chocolate, vanilla chip, and espresso, and they were all phenomenal. However, I think the vanilla chip was the best. It such a nice, refreshing treat to enjoy while walking down State Street.

Their peanut butter Italian ice is also dog friendly, so of course I had to get some for my dog. He loved it! He scarfed the entire thing down. I was happy, and my dog was happy. 

Great place to stop for Italian ice.

Cheryl T.

This place is a must try! We were lucky enough to sample this place before their grand opening. The samples were so so good, so we knew we had to come back for bigger sizes. 

Fast forward to today, where it was a perfect 76 degrees and sunny. This place was the perfect answer to the heat on State Street. There are 4 sizes to choose from; small/med/large/pint. We ended up getting two mediums and two large. What’s great about this place is that they do a great job of identifying which flavors are water based and which are dairy based. You can also pick more than one flavor based on the size you get. We got watermelon, strawberry, and vanilla chip. All were incredible.

The Italian Ice here is refreshing and delicious. It’s light yet filling, while still satisfying your sweet tooth. This place is a perfect addition to State street!

Stephen Z.

AN ABSOLUTELY MUST DO!  5 STARS! AUTHENTIC ITALIAN ICE FINALLY ARRIVES IN SANTA BARBARA! The owners are originally from the East Coast New Jersey & Massachusetts.  They realized their was an empty hole & something missing in Santa Barbara – Italian Ice. So they opened up this brand new shop called Mangione’s Italian Ice. They were outside giving out Free Samples of their Lemon Italian Ice. I tried it & it was Delicious. I went in & asked for a sample of mango too. I decided to get a Large 1/2 Mango 1/2 Lemon & it was DELICIOUSSSS!  Go in ask for a sample & then choose your size. Check the display case & signs on the wall for the flavors they have have made in house for the day. They also have dairy options too. When in Santa Barbara you must stop in for an icy cold treat- a Mangione’s Italian Ice! By the way, there’s a bunch of other restaurants & shops located in the same area on State St.

It used to be, you had to have Mega Bucks & be really Rich to have the Good Life, not anymore. The Game has changed. You’ve been Upgraded. Now You Can Live Like a King on a Limited Budget! 

Mark S.


Finally, Italian Ice comes to Santa Barbara! If you’re looking for a refreshing sweet treat on State Street, look no further than Mangione’s Italian Ice. Better than Ice Cream or Gelato, Mangione’s wide range of flavorful confections are made from a secret recipe all the way from New York. Steps from the Grenada Theater, you can taste the wide variety of flavors after an evening meal or as a refreshing treat on a hot afternoon. I recommend Watermelon and Lemon. Coconut and Espresso are also a tasty combination.

Come in soon and enjoy Italian Tradition…. Italian Ice!

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Mangione’s Italian Ice Co.    All Rights Reserved.     Copyright 2024